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We are an auditing and consulting company. We pride ourselves on the comprehensiveness and accuracy of our services, which are continuously enhanced with the latest knowledge. We also co-operate with expert institutes and individual experts specialising in the field so that we can understand you perfectly and offer a professional and beneficial solution.

Tax advisory

Tax advisory represents specific services rendered for the purpose of due compliance with tax obligations. Our advisory activities may result, among others, in tax optimization. We co-operate with numerous specialists who draft or comment on them and consequently, we are kept updated on all the news and current affairs. You can rest assured that we will supply you with relevant and useful information.

We are able to advise you on all kinds of taxes:

  • Processing of tax tests for individual types of taxes,
  • Processing of income tax returns,
  • Processing of value added tax returns,
  • Processing of tax returns for  real estate tax,
  • Processing of tax returns for  real estate-transfer tax,/li>
  • Processing of tax returns for other taxes,
  • Tax optimisation,
  • Other services.

We have always managed to advise well. We audit the accuracy of tax liabilities in the volume of tens of millions of Czech crowns and our clients have never had any problems with the competent revenue authority.

In order to prevent any conflict of interest, we provide auditing and tax advisory services within one company and within one fiscal period so that any breach of the Code of Ethics is avoided. This is despite the fact that the law only prohibits the tax return of a company from being compiled by an auditor who audits such company.