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We are an auditing and consulting company. We pride ourselves on the comprehensiveness and accuracy of our services, which are continuously enhanced with the latest knowledge. We also co-operate with expert institutes and individual experts specialising in the field so that we can understand you perfectly and offer a professional and beneficial solution.

Human resources development

This area especially includes the following services:

  • Human resources,
  • Personnel audit,
  • Analysis and support of corporate culture development,
  • Standardisation and work organisation,
  • Staff assessment,
  • Salary and incentive systems,
  • Organising recruitment and selection procedures, staff search.

The specifics of this area of services are, in particular:

  • Application of a consistent process approach
  • Compliance with the legislation in force
  • Application of the latest knowledge from work psychology and human resources theory and practice
  • Compilation of individual types of customised questionnaires
  • Application of the latest knowledge in the area of HR management, corporate culture and working capital entropy
  • Application of the latest knowledge in the creation of material and immaterial interest systems
  • Application of related mathematical-statistical methods while solving individual jobs
  • Application of SW support adequate to the particular solution
  • Other specifics resulting from the nature of the problem being solved