FIZA, a.s.
Hrozňatova 3
615 00 Brno

Company ID: 26252325
TIN: CZ26252325

tel./fax: 548 226 253 Registered office
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We are an auditing and consulting company. We pride ourselves on the comprehensiveness and accuracy of our services, which are continuously enhanced with the latest knowledge. We also co-operate with expert institutes and individual experts specialising in the field so that we can understand you perfectly and offer a professional and beneficial solution.


FIZA, a.s. is an auditing and consulting company providing its services within three Strategy Business Units:

  • Auditing,
  • Tax advisory, and
  • Financial-organisational advisory.

We are able to fully cover the needs of businesses, companies and organisations in strategic areas which are immediately related to efficiency and competitiveness.

We are very particular about the openness, credibility and utmost professionalism of all the services we provide. The work of FIZA consultants and advisors must always be beneficial to clients.

FIZA, a.s. is registered with the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic and holds the following certificates:

  • Certificate No. 377 for the auditing company,
  • Certificate No. 0431, No. 2135 and No. 2208 for the auditors,
  • Certificate No. 2400/0 for the auditor's assistant.

Besides this, the company is listed in the Register of Qualified Suppliers administered by the Public Investment Department of the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic

The quality of services is guaranteed by the process of quality system certification, approved by BUREAU VERITAS CZECH REPUBLIC, spol. s r.o. in compliance with ISO 9001:2008. The system is applied to the:

  • Finances and Marketing;
  • Performance of Financial Audits;
  • Process Management;
  • Business Management Counselling in the Field of Business Strategy and
  • Human Resources.

The company has registered the FIZA trademark across the EU.

All other certificates are available on this website in the menu Certificates.

Close cooperation is established with legal offices, tax advisors and experts in the field of design work.