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We are an auditing and consulting company. We pride ourselves on the comprehensiveness and accuracy of our services, which are continuously enhanced with the latest knowledge. We also co-operate with expert institutes and individual experts specialising in the field so that we can understand you perfectly and offer a professional and beneficial solution.

Economic and organisational consultancy services

Economic and organisational consultancy gave birth to our business and over the years we have managed to collect extensive multidisciplinary know-how.

We have helped dozens of companies to achieve greater prosperity, more efficient operations, more flexible functioning and better use of resources (human, manufacturing or financial resources). Sometimes experience and knowledge are important, sometimes it is just the unbiased view of an outside professional, and the stereotypes are put into motion.

We are able to offer comprehensive consultancy services as well as methodical support. We make sure that the co-operation is of benefit and inspiration to you.

Where are we able to help you?

Strategy and organisational development of businesses

We will focus, in particular, on intra-company management, the organisational structure and production efficiency. We will identify hidden reserves and design a strategy. We will propose purposeful measures, which we can ground on strategic management theory or practice, or on detailed calculations.


Economic, financial and legal systems and agendas

We will carry out a thorough analysis of the company's accounting, corporate economy and financial flows. Based on such analysis, we are able to prepare an optimal accounting methodology, propose a long-term planning system or cash-flow management. We will help you with pricing, businesses' valuation and credibility determination, and with transactions involving ownership changes.


Human resources development

We are able to fully resolve all HR-related matters.


Project management

We will help you set up both short and long-term projects (investment activities, structural changes) so that they are implemented in a due and timely manner and within budget.


Training and lecturing

We pass on all our knowledge and can organise training sessions focused on various topics falling within the scope of strategy, management, accounting, etc.



Besides all the above services, we are widely experienced in other fields, such as:

  • complex project development,
  • business plan creation,
  • search for and selection of partners,
  • market valuation,
  • guidance in filing service.